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e4health at the 2023 Annual AHIMA Conference: Accomplishments and Takeaways

The 2023 AHIMA Conference was a monumental launch point for e4health. For the first time in the company’s history, we brought together three powerhouse companies together under a single name and with a unified mission: Empower Better Health.

Following a successful merger of e4 Services, Intellis, and eCatalyst earlier this year, our combined teams celebrated the most successful AHIMA conference any of us had experienced before. The importance of e4health’s core service lines – health IT, health information management (HIM), coding, clinical documentation integrity (CDI), and mid-revenue cycle – was all highlighted during pre-conference workshops, keynote presentations, and educational sessions.

For example, Sunday’s Sequoia Data Usability Is Taking Root workshop reinforced the role of HI professionals in driving better health data quality and usability. As Didi Davis, VP of Informatics, Conformance, and Interoperability at The Sequoia Project emphasized, “If the data is no good, none of our IT systems will work.”

Healthcare Data Quality, Integrity and Completeness at e4health

Data quality during major health IT system transitions is a top priority for e4health. This includes a company-wide focus on reducing the volume of duplicate patient data and a relentless commitment to accurate patient matching. Our new white paper on data quality provides valuable best practices on this topic.

During the workshop, Davis reiterated the importance of data integrity. “Duplication is one of the most central challenges in information sharing at scale and a significant hindrance to achieving higher levels of interoperability.” e4health recognizes the value of clean health data and respects HIM professionals’ role in protecting data integrity.

According to our own Todd Goughnour, MBA, RHIA, VP of HIM, during his Healthcare NOW Radio interview, “Health systems should bring HI professionals into the process at the beginning to assure data is ingested correctly in the first place.”

The HIM Best Practices Guide to Major IT System Change

Hospitals and health systems continue to recognize the importance of collaborative cross-functional teamwork, especially during EHR and other major IT system changes. This guidebook shares e4health’s proven best practices for IT system implementations. From pre-planning to team empowerment, and strategies to protect clinical data integrity, our guide empowers your organization to deliver better healthcare outcomes.

e4health Recognized at AHIMA23

During the conference, e4health announced our certification as a Great Place To Work US for the second consecutive year. This solidified our mindset. At e4health, our unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and high-performing workplace for our team members not only boosts our standing as a top employer but also fosters an environment where innovation and excellence thrive. 

Another highlight was our recognition by Black Book Research as the #1 HIM Advisory and Consulting Firm for client satisfaction and user experience. This prestigious recognition added an extra layer of excitement to our “Bringing the Key West Vibe to Baltimore” reception, held aboard the historic USS Constellation. Our team, clients, and partners came together to celebrate this remarkable accomplishment, making it an evening to remember.

Forward-Thinking Thoughts on AHIMA and AI’s Role in HIM 

One of the highlights of our participation at AHIMA was a video interview with Colin Hung, Healthcare Marketing Leader and Editor, and Matthew Zubiller, e4health CEO, delving into the impact of AI on HIM. Here are three pivotal ways AI is poised to revolutionize health IT and HIM.


  1. Patient-Centric Accuracy: AI’s influence in healthcare IT and HIM always begins with the patient and their safety. Ensuring accuracy in patient data is paramount. AI plays a crucial role in rapidly and accurately identifying and eliminating duplicates in patient records, leading to more precise healthcare information management.
  2. Ambient Clinical Documentation: To enhance the quality of clinical documentation, AI-driven tools are making a significant impact. By listening to conversations between patients and healthcare providers, these tools capture, chart, and structure information more effectively. This reduces the burden on healthcare professionals and ensures more accurate clinical records.
  3. Effective Coding: Once patient data and clinical documentation are in order, AI can work its magic in the coding arena. AI can analyze patterns and employ large language models to translate both inpatient and outpatient data into correctly coded information. The result? Reduced denials and a smoother claims process.

Reflecting on AHIMA23, we’re filled with a profound sense of gratitude and excitement. The celebration of being recognized as a Great Place To Work, receiving the top spot in HIM advisory and consulting by Black Book Market Research, and meeting so many wonderful people reinforces our commitment to excellence, innovation, and our unwavering focus on delivering quality healthcare solutions.