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Navigating Staffing Challenges: The Power of CDI Preceptorship

The Challenge

A Midwest-based provider of behavioral health services faced a critical challenge in its Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) operations. With a modest-sized CDI team of three professionals and an impending retirement on the horizon, the situation was further complicated by the hiring of a new nurse with no prior CDI experience, coinciding with another team member’s scheduled leave. This convergence of events threatened to strain the team’s capacity and jeopardize the system’s operational continuity. 

The e4health Solution

In response to this challenge, e4health stepped forward with a tailored solution: a comprehensive CDI preceptorship for the newly recruited Clinical Documentation Specialist (CDS). This strategic intervention was designed to integrate the new CDS into the team seamlessly, without imposing an operational burden on the existing staff. The e4health approach enabled the current CDI professionals to maintain their focus on quality documentation reviews while also facilitating the orientation of the new team member. 

The preceptorship program crafted by e4health was robust and multifaceted, encompassing: 

  • A solid foundation in CDI principles, aligned with organizational objectives and inclusive of specialized training in denial and appeals writing. 
  • A detailed Preceptor Plan, featuring weekly targets for the preceptee and preceptor, structured schedules, clear reporting expectations, and projected preceptor hours. 
  • Tools for ongoing communication and performance assessment, including a Communication Log and a CDS Review Log with weekly dashboard analytics. 
  • A collection of Recommended CDS References and a Clinical Concepts Checklist to support continuous learning and development. 
  • An adaptable invoicing model, thoughtfully designed to accommodate the financial framework of the organization. 

Results and Insights

This case study exemplifies e4health’s commitment to empowering better health through innovative solutions that maximize outcomes and ensure data accuracy. By fostering a collaborative partnership and delivering a results-driven approach, e4health enabled this customer to navigate its staffing challenges without compromising on service quality or financial opportunities. 


The successful preceptorship of the customer’s new CDS is a testament to the value-driven, partnership-centric ethos that e4health embodies. This initiative not only bolstered the CDI team’s resilience but also reinforced the organization’s dedication to excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare documentation and management.  Contact e4health today to discover how our expertise in CDI preceptorship can support your team’s growth and maintain uninterrupted operational excellence. 

How Can We Help?

For nearly two decades, e4health has been redefining the standards for Clinical Documentation Integrity. The e4health CDI Team is here to cater to all your CDI needs, including Inpatient and Outpatient CDI staffing, auditing, assessment, education, and CDI consultative services. Schedule a call today with our CDI Leaders who are eager to address your concerns and simplify your tasks.