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[HIP Week 2024] e4health Team Member Spotlight: Christina Toledo

This HIP Week, we are shining a light on members of the e4health Team who are truly making an impact.

Today, we’re putting Christina Toledo, PB Coder, in the Team Spotlight!

kyle drey headshot

Let’s Hear From Christina…

Christina’s Health Information Journey

Christina’s journey into HIM started while working towards a degree in biological sciences at the University of California, San Diego. She started working in an orthopedic office as a scribe and coder working directly with the physician and patients. After two years, she moved to a position with a plastic surgeon’s office that concentrated on reconstructive surgery. She had her hands in all areas of the revenue cycle – not just mid-revenue cycle. She enjoyed working with military patients undergoing reconstructive surgeries. After 4 years, she moved to a large pediatric group with multiple clinics and 23+ providers over the practices. She worked directly with physicians and other providers to meet essential business practices in compliance and credentialing. Her work also involved creating and standardizing documentation practices and provider education. She also broadened her experience in revenue cycle. From there, she joined eCatalyst as a coding supervisor. With the acquisition of eCatalyst she joined the e4health team. She works in a hybrid position between the coding and auditing service lines. Christina’s extensive expertise in compliance, credentialing, documentation practices and provider education, revenue cycle and coding supervision makes her an asset in her role at e4health. Along the way, Christina has advanced her career with her CPC and CPMA certifications.

What made you decide to become a health information professional?

I began coding part-time while working towards my degree in Biological Sciences in college. I found fulfillment in serving as a patient advocate.

What is something that made you feel proud during your health information management career?

I am most proud of my work in a reconstructive surgery office, as it allowed me to advocate for patients undergoing life-changing procedures. Being able to help others has always been what drives me to continue to excel in my career. 

Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to in the HIT world that supported or inspired you? 

I currently work in a hybrid position between coding and auditing. Amanda Corely was instrumental in bringing me to e4health. From the beginning, Amanda has been pivitol in blending client services and employee happiness. Trina Shreck has been a source of inspiration through her display of leadership and positive reinforcement. 

What does being a health information management professional mean to you? 

Ensuring that healthcare serves the patient’s best intersts as well as advocating for coverage and pushing for insurance policies that prioritize patient outcomes.

What makes you excited about the future of health information management?

I’m excited to excel and elevate my experience and skill set. With the advancements of AI and machine technology, progression to HIT and HIM are increasing. HIM individuals who move forward, excel, and advance their careers with technology will be able to oversee those technologies in terms of basic coding work as well as assisting in areas of revenue cycle and provider documentation.

 At e4health, we pride ourselves on the dedication and expertise of our team members, and Christina Toledo exemplifies these qualities in every aspect of her work. Since joining our family, Christina has been an invaluable asset, taking on roles including, coder, charge entry specialist, auditor, and supervisor with grace and proficiency. Christina’s depth of knowledge in PB Coding and auditing, coupled with her thorough understanding of revenue processes, has been instrumental in our everyday successes. Her ability to forge strong connections with our customers’ leadership has not only enhanced our partnerships but has also contributed significantly to our mutual achievements. One of Christina’s standout qualities is her commitment to education. She has provided outstanding training to our coding teams, equipping them with the latest skills and insights needed to excel in their roles. Moreover, her talent for creating engaging presentations ensured that our staff remained informed and motivated. In addition to her current accomplishments, Christina possesses a forward-thinking mindset that positions her as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of HIM and coding. She eagerly embraces new technologies and is poised to be an early adopter as artificial intelligence plays a larger role in our industry. Her willingness to learn and expand her skill set ensures that she remains at the forefront of industry trends, driving innovation and excellence within our organization. As Christina continues to pursue opportunities for growth and development, we have no doubt that her expertise and dedication will continue to elevate not only her own career but also the HIM profession as a whole. We are incredibly fortunate to have her as a vital member of the e4health team, and we look forward to witnessing her ongoing success and contributions in the years to come. 


– Amanda Corley, Director of Coding Operations, e4health

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