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[HIP Week 2024] e4health Team Member Spotlight: Theresa Converse

This HIP Week, we are shining a light on members of the e4health Team who are truly making an impact.

Today, we’re putting Theresa Converse, e4health Senior Healthcare Consultant, in the Team Spotlight!

kyle drey headshot

Let’s Hear From Theresa…

Theresa’s Health Information Journey

Theresa started out of college as Assistant Director in Medical Records for a hospital. She moved into implementing clinical hospital-wide computer systems. Her next role was Director, Clinical Resource Management for a hospital system and then she moved into a managed care facility owned by Blue Cross in Rochester, NY. Some of the roles Theresa held in this position included reconstructing the HIM department, establishing and managing CQI teams and managing CQI teams for four full-services O/P community medical centers. She relocated from Rochester to Virginia and worked for Shared Medical Systems (SMS) installing Enterprise Documentation Management. SMS was purchased by Siemens and then Cerner Corporation. Theresa relocated to TN and into a hospital setting. She found that working in a hospital setting was not what she wanted anymore and that a remote setting was more her vibe. Theresa has a good working relationship with Mike Brensinger and Niall Doherty, and Mike helped bring her on to e4health. She worked as EDM Document Management consultation and then data conversions fo Virtua Health System. Theresa found a good fit for her skills and interests in her current role and plans to stay with the company until retirement. Her career journey showcases her determination, adaptability, and commitment to finding success in her professional life.

What made you decide to become a health information professional?

I always had a passion for healthcare but wasn’t sure which profession to pursue. I ultimately decided that direct patient care wasn’t for me, leading me to a career in Health Information Management (HIM).

What is something that made you feel proud during your health information management career?

My career took off as I found success in my role as an IT specialist, bridging the gap between healthcare and technology. My natural talent for managing people helped me quickly climb the professional ladder, leading to new opportunities for growth and advancement.

Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to in the HIT world that supported or inspired you? 

I have been fortunate to work in various roles with mentors and leaders who have allowed me to excel professionally without micromanaging my work.

What does being a health information management professional mean to you? 

The profession offers a unique opportunity to experience the integration of patient care and health information, as well as the management and interpretation of data. It is a niche in healthcare that is often misunderstood due to the wide range of roles one can have within the field.

What makes you excited about the future of health information management?

I am excited for progressiveness and growth in HIM and the potential growth of AI in healthcare. I look forward to people I know growing and advancing in this field; it is the perfect opportunity to grow in the HIM profession. e4health has always been a champion of employee growth and employee engagement is consistently boosted by the best practices of fostering growth among employees.

Theresa Converse is the consummate HI professional, but above all else, she is a dedicated team member who embodies WHY and How Our People Make the Difference. Theresa joined the e4health team in 2016, and since that time has been a key cog in the success of many projects. Over the past 3+ years, Theresa has been engaged with Virtua Health, a large organization headquartered in Southern New Jersey. During this time, she has provided Virtua with the best practices and blueprint for successful eMPI remediation projects, as well as for migrating and validating data. This includes Virtua’s acquisition of a large hospital, hundreds of physician offices, partnerships with leading medical organizations in the Greater Philadelphia market, and more. During this time at Virtua, Theresa has not only become a trusted advisor to our customer, but has continued to refine our playbook while training countless employees on our best practices and processes. Her work has not only been valuable to our staff members, but it has also helped us grow and shape our Data Management Service Line within the HIM and HIOC practices. Thank you, Theresa, for all you do!


– Rich Amelio, Vice President, Healthcare IT Operations & Consulting, e4health

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