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Coding Tips: New Codes for Sickle Cell Disease with Dactylitis
Coding Corner copy

New Codes for Sickle Cell Disease with Dactylitis

(Valid for October 1, 2023 discharges)

•  D57.04 Hb-SS disease with dactylitis
•  D57.214 Sickle-cell/Hb-C disease with dactylitis
•  D57.414 Sickle-cell thalassemia, unspecified, with dactylitis
•  D57.434 Sickle-cell thalassemia beta zero with dactylitis
•  D57.454 Sickle-cell thalassemia beta plus with dactylitis
•  D57.814 Other sickle-cell disorders with dactylitis

 What is Dactylitis?  Otherwise known as ‘hand-foot syndrome’.  Symptoms include: Bilateral exquisite pain and swelling of hands and/or feet in children.  Occurs between age 6 months and 3 years; it is not seen after age 5 years because hematopoiesis in the small bones of the hands and feet ceases at this age. Osteomyelitis is the major differential diagnosis.

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